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are messages from our souls,

and portals into other worlds and dimensions.

Through them, we begin to remember who we are,
and why we’re here.

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“Waking Dream”  Trance Drum Journeys

Direct Experiential Access to Altered States of Consciousness
with Sound Induction. Safe, guided, NO Botanicals,

“Active Dreaming” was created by internationally known dream teacher and author, Robert Moss. He has synthesized the dreaming practices of Indigenous People (globally and historically) and Shamanism with modern psychology and Jungian dreamwork.

Active Dreaming teaches us to interpret our own dreams for guidance in daily life and on our spiritual paths. We can also dream for and with our communities, traveling to the past, future and other realities.  In “conscious dreaming” (while awake), we travel with the rhythmic percussion of the drum, and bring back gifts of healing, awakening and magic.

Lalénya L. Vann is a certified teacher with the Robert Moss School of Active Dreaming. She lives on Maui, and is an artist, painting images from her dreams. See Lalénya's art and paintings  at